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Is it the result of ensuring unending peace and justice?
Or is it something much more sinister?
After World War 1 and 2 and Vietnam, and Iraq, do we still need to ask?

As civilians, maybe we don't have a say, but I'm sure many veterans may be compelled to agree with me in this scenario. After what has been done to them and what they have seen, maybe they don't need to be persuaded at all. The one thing we can't lose sight of, is respect, as Veterans Day is just passing, for those who fought, who follow orders unconditionally, believing they are protecting their country (Often a philosophy passed down from the Golden Generation, irrelevant in a world of water-boarding and Predator drones) My only objection, and it is a humble one, is...

Are they really defending freedom or systematically clearing the way for elitist private industries that don't give a damn about any people or their families, or the families, whose criminal activity already makes them seem like people who feel entitled to orchestrate the world stage in ways that make any citizen, soldier, or civilian concerned about where all this centralization of power is headed.

Sure in World War 2, the Nazis were an obvious enemy, the troops knew who they were fighting against(important in strategy) but WHY they were fighting those individuals (important in launching massive multi teired was deployments Now our troops have no clue as to whether the people in the "Middle-East" are fighting for their lives or are actually CIA backed terrorist. In that situation one wouldn't think it reasonable or non-psychopathic, to occupy countries with mass ground troops
invasions some decade after creating and aggravating civilian based para-military groups, trained by us (I know it is redundant) to fight us.

For Reasons of National Security...

Hitler fabricated a cause for people of Germany, to invade Poland after he burned down a farmhouse and blamed it on the “terrorists”, claimed they were a threat to national security; immediately denouncing those who questioned him as unpatriotic and soon had citizens' peers turning them over to the SS. False Flag Terrorism is something we are all hopefully quite aware of by now, but, as is often my question...How did we get here? A quick look at the history of corporations, just within the U.S. may help us to understand how we wound up in the burning Animal Farm, or this preparatory Orwellian state.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the Military Industrial Complex

Secrets of War with Charlton Heston: Eisenhower’s Operatives

No one can argue with the initiatory and ideal militant school of thought, which imposes it’s agenda with universal understandings such as “The military has a right to their secrets.” or “the average American working class citizen would burst under the pressure of making tough military decisions related to foreign policy”. The military does have a right to keep secrets and will, so long as it wishes superiority and views it’s enemies, not as the ramifications of an industry which causes war to make money for itself and itself only, producing mass eradication of life and resources... but rather, as an entirely necessary money spending machine justified by the “high price of freedom” and the endless paranoid measures of a national security obsessed state bent on weeding out it’s unpatriotic citizens ranging from people who care about the environment to people interested in unidentified flying objects.

Freedom isn’t free! for people getting Predator drone bombed as we speak, it apparently takes much mutual genocide. The machine that has, in many ways, replaced the military, demands constant mass destruction to fuel an industry, and sees only rhetoric about rebuilding and making the money off of that process as justification for mass murder. I’m sure that doesn’t sound goose step like at all, echoing across countries most Americans couldn’t point to on a map..

True patriotism and the military have not been wed successfully since Eisenhower’s presidency. Because true secrets have not been shared with an American President since Kennedy in my opinion. According to the facts as they stand in American history, Eisenhower passed down his, quite righteous (he may still have known more than we know today about “black” operations) fear and disdain of the future of military industrial complex or MIC. These concerns may have ranged from the nazification of American Intelligence (through the justification of being one step ahead against the Russians in the heat of the Cold War which lasted in so many campaigns -1945-1991) to the birth of a secret government complete with secret space programs.

I think Kennedy proved to the more shadowy elements of the military industrial complex that Presidents would only serve to hinder their agendas with their moral, quite real, patriotic sense. It must be noted that Kennedy threatened to shatter the CIA into a million pieces. Though the intelligence community surely instrumented Kennedy’s death, as well as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others in a wave of 60s American bloodshed; (Fred Hampton’s murder now resembles the average “law enforcement break in” which uses SWAT teams taught by highly trained special forces teams to use extreme quick force, as if dealing with highly trained terrorist, but actually assaulting unarmed American suburban families)

We now have an African American President who, upon being elected to a second term oversaw General David Patraeus, head of the CIA, step down from his position. Also Kennedy’s dedication to space, to the extent that he wanted to join the Russian and American(German) space programs into one united program is very telling of his relation to Obama’s philosophies regarding space exploration (Space X) According to Carol Rosin Von Braun shared these concerns as well.

Eisenhower, often recognized as the more meditated humble war time President during WW2; also had much skill and an obsession with secrets not many know about. It was Eisenhower who was really responsible for the origins of the CIA, and Eisenhower who handed the future of stealth black projects (namely spy planes such as the U-2, SR-71,etc...) to the agency. Later with the obvious phrasing and execution of Zapata and the furthering of the interest of the United Fruit Company, led characters like Bush and Carl Rove to actually be seemingly the most risky and unethical procedures for the CIA.

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

The Majestic-12-

First off, what’s up with the 12? Could this be related to 12 Disciples? 12 occult followers of Himmler with possible extraterrestrial or transdimensional contact, or 12 Knights of Camelot? These guys are mostly quite notable bloodlines, some of which command whole centuries of history, much like the philosophies of the men in the center of the above mentions clans of 12. According to the information that comes forward in interviews with whistleblower Dan Burisch in Project Camelot the Majestic 12, (which he claims to have been a member of) are each masters of technology or science in their respective fields brought together to evaluate and often “back-engineer” exotic technologies for the use of other agencies within the secret government. These secret programs are the continuation of well documented Psy research out of the Pentagon, Department of Defense, and Stanford Research Institute in the 70s. Not only was the 12 supposed to be responsible for “what to do” about the UFO phenomenon, they were so heavily populated by heads of the CIA, it is a question as to whether this was somehow a mechanism of the “space brothers” Psyops. (See Contactees by Nick Redfern)
“All the alleged original members of MJ-12 were notable for their military, government, and/or scientific achievements, and all were deceased when the documents first surfaced (the last to die was Jerome Hunsaker, only a few months before the MJ-12 papers first appeared). The original composition was six civilians (mostly scientists), and six high-ranking military officers, two from each major military service. Three (Souers, Vandenberg, and Hillenkoetter) had been the first three heads of central intelligence. The Moore/Shandera documents did not make clear who was the director of MJ-12, or if there was any organizational hierarchy.

The named members of MJ-12 were:

1. Rear Adm. Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter: first CIA director

2. Dr. Vannevar Bush: (March 11, 1890 – June 28, 1974) chaired wartime Office of Scientific Research and Development and predecessor National Defense Research Committee; set up and chaired postwar Joint Research and Development Board (JRDB) and then the Research and Development Board (RDB); chaired NACA; President of Carnegie Institute, Washington D.C.
Bush was an American engineer, inventor and science administrator known for his work on analog computers, for his role as an initiator and administrator of the Manhattan Project, for founding Raytheon,

...and for the memex, an adjustable microfilm viewer with a structure analogous to that of the World Wide Web. In 1945, Bush published As We May Think in which he predicted that "wholly new forms of encyclopedias will appear, ready made with a mesh of associative trails running through them, ready to be dropped into the memex and there amplified".The memex influenced generations of computer scientists, who drew inspiration from its vision of the future.

For his master's thesis, Bush invented and patented a "profile tracer", a mapping device for assisting surveyors. It was the first of a string of inventions. He joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at MIT in 1919, and founded the company now known as Raytheon in 1922.

3. James Forrestal: Secretary of the Navy; first Secretary of Defense (replaced after his death on MJ-12 by Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, 2nd CIA director)

4. Gen. Nathan Twining: headed Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson AFB; Air Force Chief of Staff (1953–1957); Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff (1957–1961)

5. Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg: Directed Central Intelligence Group (1946–1947); Air Force Chief of Staff (1948–1953)

6. Gen. Robert M. Montague: Guided missile expert; 1947 commander of Fort Bliss; headed nuclear Armed Forces Special Weapons Center, Sandia Base

7. Dr. Jerome Hunsaker: Aeronautical engineer, MIT; chaired NACA after Bush

8. Rear Adm. Sidney Souers: first director of Central Intelligence Group, first executive secretary of National Security Council (NSC)

9. Gordon Gray: Secretary of the Army; intelligence and national security expert; CIA psychological strategy board (1951–1953); Chairman of NSC 5412 Committee (1954–1958); National Security Advisor (1958–1961)

10. Dr. Donald Menzel: Astronomer, Harvard; cryptologist during war; security consultant to CIA and NSA

11. Dr. Detlev Bronk: Medical physicist; aviation physiologist; chair, National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council; president Johns Hopkins & Rockefeller University

12. Dr. Lloyd Berkner: Physicist; radio expert; executive secretary of Bush's JRDB
According to other sources and MJ-12 papers to emerge later, famous scientists like Robert Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, Karl Compton, Edward Teller, John von Neumann, and Wernher von Braun were also allegedly involved with MJ-12”. -The above section was collaged together from MJ-12 at wikipedia


According to the scribes of the Exopolitics movement these were the two Presidents that supposedly signed agreements with tall white gray aliens starting in 1955. These agreements related to the exchange of technology for permission to abduct people for genetic research and racial continuation of their race. The Exopolitics movement is suspect in some ways of being disinformation, from an overly eager staff, to an overnight mass production of unheard of data, to a New Agey Psyop feel to the material no one can tell who to trust when it comes to these characters. Michael Salla, one of the more sober of their crew, relates a whole history of the Majestic-12, Kennedy, and alien agreements.
Carol Rosin, a former secretary to Wernher Von Braun details his warnings of false flag terrorism preceding a faked alien threat. Echoing the tired rantings of any youtube scholar and their phd in non-project BlueBeam.

Wernher Von Braun

It seems, right from the beginning of life in Wersitz, Wernher had a strong passion for rockets. Influenced directly by the science fiction- which functioned then, as scientific speculation, a young von Braun started experimenting right away with flying and exploding rocket experiments. He had the mind filled with imaginative sci-fi ideas and the family money to experiment.

" The young von Braun became fascinated by science fiction-that literary underdog of pulp magazines and lurid fantasies which has, in fact, transformed the world just as much more ( than ) " sophisticated " literature ever has. Jules Verne's 1865 novel From the Earth to the moon was a particular inspiration. Like so many space visionaries, von Braun fell in love with rockets as a young boy and chased that one passion relentlessly for the rest of his life. Rockets today are " just" machines for sending satellites and modules into space, but half a century ago they seemed to promise something more to the people who dreamed of building them. Humanity would fly into the cosmos and settle on other planets, where new and perhaps better societies could be created. The rocket mirage was vague, but it was in keeping with the "romance of flight" or the "romance of the open road " that made the airplane and the automobile such objects of desire in the 1920s and 1930s, when the darker potentials of such machines had not yet been revealed to their fullest and most bitter extent."
Wernher von Braun: Rocket Man for War and Peace

He met up with like-minded visionaries in The Society for Space Travel ( Verein fur Raumschiffart ) Willy Ley and Hermann Oberth. Throughout the thirties von Braun would swiftly have his optimistic vision for the future of man, turn over night- into weapons capable of mass obliteration, by demanding Nazis like Heinrich Himmler. Much controversy surrounds von Braun's position on Nazism.One thing that the Nazi's make clear, join us or no research at all...20,000 people died in the tunnels built to house experimentation on the V-2 rocket. These projects were jointly headed by von Braun
"To me, von braun was a crusader he had an objective he wanted to reach a goal he wanted to get to and his whole activities were in that direction" -Julius Brown US Army Intelligence

Though it is obvious that von Braun knew of the atrocities happening in the same places he worked, he may have actually saved many people by assigning them elsewhere. Either way, it seems von Braun had his eyes on one thing...the development of his dreams in space exploration,

"We knew that we had created a new means of warfare, and the question as to what nation, to what victorious nation we were willing to entrust this brainchild of ours was a moral decision more than anything else. We wanted to see the world spared another conflict such as Germany had just been through, and we felt that only by surrendering such a weapon to people who are guided by the Bible could such an assurance to the world be best secured. All of man's scientific and engineering efforts will be in vain unless they are performed and utilized within a framework of ethical standards commensurate with the magnitude of the scope of the technological revolution. The more technology advances, the more fateful will be its impact on humanity.You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not alone in the universe. And either way, the implications are staggering". - von Braun

Though the above documentaries try to convince you otherwise, it seems there is no proof of von Braun's nazism, in the usual sense...If von Braun could've done it over himself, he may have not hurt anyone...There is no distinction between SS orders and von Braun's real intentions

" I trust you realize that your rocket has ceased to be an engineer's toy? The German people are eagerly waiting for it. " -Himmler

Capture of von Braun

. " I didn't know von Braun from a hole in the ground. " -44th division veteran below

" As Hitler's Third Reich was crumbling in January 1945, von Braun made plans to move his team of about 125 leading rocket scientists and engineers of the world, south to surrender to the Americans. Rather than succumb to capture by the long-sworn enemies the Russians, von Braun organized a mass exodus from Peenemunde to surrender to the American troops in Austria. Unknown to von Braun, Hitler had ordered their execution to prevent their capture by the Allies. After a dangerous intrigue filled journey and secure in Austria, they waited for the American arrival. At that time, brother Magnus von Braun journey on a bicycle to meet them. The first soldier that he met was a sentry with the 324th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division, Private First Class Frederick Schneikert. Magnus was ordered to drop the bicycle and surrender, hands-up. In poor English, Magnus tried to explain his mission. The young soldier was not really sure what think of his claims. He turned the matter over to his commanding officer, First Lieutenant Charles L. Stewart. Stewart at first thought that Magnus was trying to"sell" his brother and the other scientists to the Americans. The contemporary report from the "Mission Accomplished, The Battle History of the 44th" is written with this prospective. The communications were soon cleared up and Lieutenant Stewart gave Magnus passes for the Germans, to ensure their safe passage to the American encampment. On May 2, 1945, von Braun and his rocket team surrendered to the US 44th Infantry Division. Had the Soviets captured von Braun instead, the post WW2 history might have been far different. " from the 44th Division site here

Von Braun had always embraced science fiction but his vision like Disney's extended way past our current science. He and many at NASA from the late 50's, envisioned space stations and the like...

"The space station (to be constructed using rockets with recoverable and reusable ascent stages) would be a toroid structure, with a diameter of 250 feet (76 m). The space station would spin around a central docking nave to provide artificial gravity, and would be assembled in a 1,075 mile (1,730 km) two-hour, high-inclination Earth orbit allowing observation of essentially every point on earth on at least a daily basis. The ultimate purpose of the space station would be to provide an assembly platform for manned lunar expeditions. The notion of a rotating wheel-shaped station was introduced in 1929 by Herman Poto─Źnik in his his book The Problem of Space Travel - The Rocket Motor. More than a decade later, the movie version of 2001: A Space Odyssey would draw heavily on the design concept in its visualization of an orbital space station. Von Braun envisaged these expeditions as very large-scale undertakings, with a total of 50 astronauts travelling in three huge spacecraft (two for crew, one primarily for cargo), each 49 m (160.76 ft) long and 33 m (108.27 ft) in diameter and driven by a rectangular array of 30 rocket propulsion engines.Upon arrival, astronauts would establish a permanent lunar base in the Sinus Roris region by using the emptied cargo holds of their craft as shelters, and would explore their surroundings for eight weeks. This would include a 400 km expedition in pressurized rovers to the crater Harpalus and the Mare Imbrium foothills." At this time von Braun also worked out preliminary concepts for a manned Mars mission that used the space station as a staging point. His initial plans, published in The Mars Project (1952), had envisaged a fleet of ten spacecraft (each with a mass of 3,720 metric tons), three of them unmanned and each carrying one 200-ton winged lander. in addition to cargo, and nine crew vehicles transporting a total of 70 astronauts. Gigantic as this mission plan was, its engineering and astronautical parameters were thoroughly calculated. A later project was much more modest, using only one purely orbital cargo ship and one crewed craft. In each case, the expedition would use minimum-energy Hohmann transfer orbits for its trips to Mars and back to Earth. Before technically formalizing his thoughts on human spaceflight to Mars, von Braun had written a science fiction novel, set in 1980, on the subject. According to his biographer, Erik Bergaust, the manuscript was rejected by no less than 18 publishers. Von Braun later published small portions of this opus in magazines, to illustrate selected aspects of his Mars project popularizations. The complete manuscript, titled Project MARS: A Technical Tale, did not appear as a printed book until December 2006. -wiki

Oddly enough it seems there were people on the surface who wished to downplay Wernher's Space Odyssey, if you will, and make the technology appear to move a lot slower. The notorious compartmentalizing of information by intelligence groups around that time make it impossible to understand how far the initial potential of von Braun's vision reaches...or destroys...

" Another possible crossing point for aerospace information may have been the Interplanetary Society ( BIS ), according to bennett and Percy. While the BIS was reportedly created in September 1945 by combining several existing organizations interested in the future of space exploration, it was not officially inaugurated until December of that year. At that time, Wernher von Braun, the man behind the V-2 rockets, was named as an honorary fellow. Arthur C. Clarke, an early member of the BIS, claimed the society had been in existence long before the was and was merely in "suspended animation" from 1939 to 1945. Nothing that the Soviet embassy in London subscribed to no less than twenty copies of the bimonthly BIS journal, Bennett and Percy asked, "Why was it necessary to reform a society already in existence? Why did the British hasten to grant such an award to the man who only nine months before...was responsible for the annihilation of so many people in London and the Home Countries? Why did von Braun...wish to play down the real timing, if everybody felt comfortable with the reasons for honoring ( him ) ? " Their insinuation is that valuable tocket technology information was passed along via the BIS, possibly with the approval of von Braun. "

Here again we see the encryption of key data in these magazines as proof of the " in plain sight " method of communicating certain data.

" Von Braun was also given the chance to display his undeniable charm on the public stage. He became a campaigner for space, tirelessly working the local Chambers of Commerce, the Rotary clubs and any other venues that would host him. By sheer force of personality, he shed his past and took up the role he had dreamed of ever since he was a boy: as the champion of our ascent into space. Perhaps he reinvented himself morally too, for his speeches and presentations throughout the rest of his life were informed not just by his abiding love of rockets, but also a passionate belief in human values. " -Bizony p30

Von Braun and Disney

"In the hope that its involvement would bring about greater public interest in the future of the space program, von Braun also began working with Walt Disney and the Disney studios as a technical director, initially for three television films about space exploration. The initial broadcast devoted to space exploration was Man in Space, which first went on air on March 9, 1955, drawing 42 million viewers and unofficially the second-highest rated television show in American history." -wiki

Two men that had a million ideas for the future, almost all of them utopian, ideal, flawless. The art that designed space stations and future worlds turned into Imagineering.

Conspiracy Theories regarding Von Braun:

It has been proposed that through some occult means or perhaps through one of two downed UFOs, that the Nazis got their hands on bizarre seemingly "alien" technology. Some say that Von Braun had admitted to contact, as a form of technological help from other beings...

In 1967 Von Braun visited Antartica

"Find yourself a copy of National Geographic, October 1968. I found one last month during my first search. On page 568 it has a 24-page article Antarctica: Icy Testing Ground for Space by Samuel W. Matthews, which might answer some of your questions. There was a large programme of study. In brief, it made perfect sense for NASA to be studying one of the most hostile environments on earth to get some idea of what environments off earth might be like. On page 571 it has a brief, and its only, mention of von Braun:

"Last January," a young Ph.D. at Byrd told me casually, "Dr. Wernher von Braun flew in to see our moon station. Here we are, out on the end of a limb, buried in the ice, living under the most hostile conditions. No need to wonder what a base on the moon might be like someday. We're it already."

It continues:

During my own month on "the Ice," as all Antarctic hands call their world, I found:
Biologists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California studying microscopic forms of life that somehow survive the gripping cold, desert drought, and lack of sunlight half the year in mysteriously snow-free valleys. "We hope to learn how to detect life on Mars, if any exists there," they said.
Physicists measuring upper-atmospheric disturbances and solar winds that could menace moon-bound astronauts. Psychophysiologists recording men's sleeping and dreaming behavior, to learn the effects of living under cramped and totally isolated conditions, as in a future space station. Scientists of a dozen nations working together, under international exchange programs, without regard to political differences. There is no cold war in earth's coldest land. Tourists, farther south than ever before...

Even more intriguing than von Braun visiting an Antarctic research station is a United States Rear Admiral visiting a Russian Station there, at the height of the cold war. The caption to the photo on page 587 says: Russian hospitality: Soviet leader Boris Belyaev, right, spreads a welcome at pinup-decorated Vostok Station. U.S. Antarctic commander Rear Adm. J. Lloyd Abbot, Jr., and Jerry Huffman, senior National Science Foundation representative, flew in two American scientists for joint ionosphere studies. Likewise, Russians work each year at U.S. bases. The article has the names of ships I forgot decades ago (Eltanin, Burton Island, Westwind, and on page 577 it has a photo of the red-hulled ship Magga Dan//, a name I hadn't heard since 1968. It took the first 21 tourists to Antarctica, and because it left from New Zealand it was in our news at the time"

-this was taken from here

Some of the information on this page is taken directly from Wernher at wikipedia

Carol Rosin

I've been talking with Carol Rosin, von Braun's last secretary who set up a lot of anti space war organizations. These are her ideas...HERE

SPACE 50 by Piers Bizony. Smithsonian Books. Harper Collins, 2006
page 26-29
^ The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs. Harper Collins, 2008
Random Sources:
Apollo Hoax Board

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The Agents

The Agent
The history of secrets and the history of secret agents leads us no further back the the Queen's Conjurer and the original 007. John Dee. Dee single handedly reattuned the British system of government,military,magick, and culture toward his Enochian influenced vision. Protected by the Queen from those in the church who would damn him to death for witchery; he and Edward Kelley forged a new era in contact.

"" Anybody who claims to have god's personal mobile number... is a tremendous threat to the established church. The church, in spiritual terms, is a collection of middle men. If you had an entire population capable of communicating with spiritual forces for themselves then popes.cardinals,bishops, all of these who have been redundant, that was the threat that John Dee posed to the religous authorities. Anybody who had information or knowledge which didn't fit with the established orhtodoxy was cruisin for a bruisin "-Alan Moore

The tracks of which would later propel Crowley to contact the infamous LAM. Secret agents and transdimensional beings may always go hand in hand...

The next agent in question is this man, the man who made 007 a household name Ian Flemming the author of the James Bond books and real MI5 Agent.

However as to how we arrived at the current robotic beings we call MIB is quite a mystery of it's own. The MIB have been spotted everywhere from hotels and farmhouses to the day of JFK's murder. With so many "agencies" at work during these strange events, it's anyone's guess. For a well rounded understanding of the phenomenon of MIB as related to UFOlogy and Contact check Red Ice Radio

In the modern media we understand the Agent in the Matrix movies as an assimilative force trying to take control over reality. He wants everything to be like him, artificial and plotting. We consider this evil from our perspective, but it is the unfeeling agenda of artificial intelligence.

If we were that smart, and observed what we did to each other and the planet, and all our vital resources we may come to a similar conclusion.(Or at least that is a favorite justification tactic of the elite types like the Rothschild and Rockefellas, that, the public is so moronic as to destroy itself if it had any control or education of itself. That it should trust their cold and plotting hands instead in all world affairs) Now if we can turn off the emotions, as I believe certain parties may have been interested in doing (towards the creation of a better soldier in the Phoenix Program) we have a "robot killer".

This is the scenario we see illustrated in films like the Ultimate Soldier series. Parts of these theories were also explored in the X-Files. The advancement of these programs showed a small piece extending over the soldiers eye showing him data on a screen about the battle. This exists in real life now and is called the "Warfighter System" Here also, we can begin to assume the makings of an Agent or super soldier archetype. The Agent takes on aspects of a certain Agent Smith we are all familiar with from the Matrix films...

"The Borg; just like with the Decepticons from Transformers, and Agent Smith; are examples of assimilation by an alien or robotic race that can shape shift in one way or another. In the latter's case, cases of possession become relevant.

Agent Smith and the T-1000 shape shift in very similar ways. As do the X-files aliens ( the " Rebels " led by the actor who plays Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat,)

In 2001 A Space Odyssey, Hal 9ooo-functions much like the 1-1ooo or Skynet
Megatron= Hugo Weaving who is also...
Red Skull who, of course has his own cosmic cube...and who would have originally been the villain for GiJoe until replaced by another tentacle of figurative Odessa, Cobra. Keep in mind that Cobra has his own Timecop type villain who control the MIC- Destro.

Agent Smith

Above is the All Spark cube from Transformers. As if assimilation wasn't already a theme with Agent Smith actor, Hugo Weaving, he goes on to play the main villain of mechanical space assimilation again in Transformers, Megatron. Then he returns as Red Skull who taps the power of the " Cosmic Cube " he receives at the base of Yggdrasil in the film Captain America. This " cube of space " with its cubicle/corporate limitations of space are imposed on the mind, becoming evident when one refuses to think "outside the box". In three dimensions this becomes the cube, a six sided shape relative to the seemingly Archonic, Saturn worshipping Draconian rule of organized world religions. When one is reduced to a unfeeling killer as discussed above with the Phoenix Program, they are functioning in many ways like the psychopathic corporate President who does not feel for his workers or who or what is exploited as long as the dollars keep rolling in. Since these individuals are not evolving in any way we could say they are functioning almost entirely off of their reptilian brain. Many believe this is the extent of confusion in extreme theories about "reptilians". It is simply a way of dehumanizing these people who already don't have many human interest. We shall discuss this further in later post.
(Trapped in the labyrinth, material worship is made to seem the object of life, a decision made by possible worshipers of Saturn/Satan/material gain through violent means. Blood Rites and the blood of the Earth-Oil. Saturn is represented by black and gold. Hence the sync with black oil)

"Most Cosmic Cubes are cube-shaped matrices. However, similar objects with different shapes are known as Cosmic Containment Units.Sentient beings wanting to create a Cosmic Cube must generate a force field to open a rift to another dimension inhabited by the Beyonders, allowing the extra-dimensional energy to filter through the rift. When entering the Earth's dimension, the energies can be held in a matrix, and the force itself would shape the matrix into a perfect cube. It would also provide the Cube with its almost-unlimited power. A Cube would eventually develop its own intelligence, commonly influenced by the beings who had manipulated it.Mephisto has postulated that the Cubes are hosts to a semi-sentient will and that, even in Cube form, they can choose how they want to be used, and deny certain wishes. Mephisto also has proposed that a billion-sentient universally-linked will could overcame this problem, and that the Cubes could be as powerful as the Infinity Gems" - Marvel wiki
Aside from an endless host of Ufo lore surrounding rectangular craft, the shape seems to be a well known transformative element in 2001 A Space Odyssey, and the Ancient Alien evolution of consciousness, Archonic or not.
In Animorphs, the series of books written by K. A. Applegate, the alien race the Andalites, who had the ability to absorb a creatures DNA by touching them and concentrating, had a cube that would eventually give such a power to the recurring human characters of the series.-EBZ

Oddly enough the actor also plays Agent Dogget in X-Files a sure resonator of the Dog Star Sirius"
-from the Secret Moon

The Men In Black
The film the Tall Man is an intense horror/psychological drama about missing children in a small town. Evidence begins to show up, thanks to efforts made by William B. Davis and Stephen Mchatti, showing the children may have been killed and buried in underground tunnels and chambers nearby. When Jodelle Ferland is kidnapped by the mysterious Tall Man, after barely escaping a drunken parents slam about, and brought in an old dirty truck to a wonderful new house with toys and make up and her very own room. In the first conversation with the Tall Man, he reveals that he works on a kind of honor system to save kids and give them another chance. He also insinuates that the children are chosen based on some premeditated standards “that’s the last one from that division”…Mchattie drives a brand new clean all black Crown Victoria (adding up the MIB attributes)“Knowledge is the key to opening all my doors. My third mother loves me and I love her is repeated over and over (love bombing?). “I’m not like the others. I guess they’ve forgotten. I can’t... I wanted this life. I wanted it. I made it happen. “ and then the movie just ends with no explanation of anything really.

William B. Davis
(Tall Man,The X-Files: The Smoking Man, Mindstorm, Caprica, Captain Power, Sliders, Outer Limits, Stargate)
Mindstorm has many X-Files cameos and is about NSA mind control experiments on children. Though rather campy, it goes further than most films that are similar to it. While on the topic of the X-Files it seems an appropriate place to ask just who is The Syndicate? Who are those shadowy men? Could they be the Majestic 12?

Throughout 1986, Stanton Friedman attempted to confirm the notorious MJ-12 Documents including the Eisenhower Briefing Document. On July 7th, 1947 General Twineing flew from White Sands to Roswell. In March 1949 Forrestal resigned and is admitted to a Naval hospital. Seven weeks later he is found dead, after falling multiple stories out the hospital. James Olson and Mary Sherman were only a small percentage of the bodies layed out in the wake of this larger agenda...

Stephen Mchatti

TheTall Man, X-Files: 731, Nisei, Fringe, Immortals, 2012, Watchmen, 300, the Timekeeper, The Fountain, the 4400, Le Femme Nikita, Deep Space 9: In the Pale Moonlight, Outer Limits: Beyond the Veil, Visitors of the Night, Highlander: Samurai, Quantum Leap: Mirror Image, Terror on Track 9, Beauty and the Beast- Gabriel, Twilight Zone:Death, Search for the Gods, The Ultimate Warrior

“ Often plays cold manipulative characters in a position of authority”-imdb trivia(http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0570385/bio)
Here he is as Shade from the Justice League series
(stephen mcHATtTIE). Stephen is of Scottish and Irish descent which links him with Highlander like themes, but this may be a stretch…imdb informs us in the above trivia link that Mchatti plays a miner in Quantum Leap and Star Trek Enterprise, the mine is also a topic in the evidence in the film The Tall Man. He often plays a high ranking suit who resembles an MIB.

Jodelle Ferland

(The Tall Man,R.L. Stine’s The Evil Sorcerer with Michael Ironsides

Masters of Horror: The V Word, Cabin in the Woods, Bioshock game: little sister, Stargate Atlantis: Harmony,Stargate SG-1 Flesh and Blood, The Lone Gunmen the Cap n’ Toby show )

Lance Henrikson:
Millenium, X-Files, Aliens (1-3), Terminator, The Men Who Stare At Goats, Alien Trespass, Phantom, Gemini Rising, Tron (TV), Dorothy and the Witches of OZ, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes-he voices theGrim Reaper,The Genesis Code, Godkiller, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a movie called Black Ops, Transformers (TV), Jennifer’s Body, Mass Effect game series, Pumpkinhead movie series, Hellraiser: Hell World, Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (game), Red Faction 2, Legend of Tarzan, Harsh Realm, Powder, The Outpost, Aurora:Operation Intercept (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112418/) Super Mario Brothers, The Visitor, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Omen 2, Network, Return to Earth, the Outsider

Robert Patrick:
plays Agent Dogett in the X-Files where he fights Adam Baldwin, the T-1000 in Terminator, Last Action Hero as the T-1000, Wayne’s World as the T-1000, Hawkman in The Batman(2008), The Outer Limits: The Light Brigade and Quality of Mercy, Bridge to Terabithia, Ben 10:The Truth-Phil, Stargate:Atlantis,Preview to Atlantis (unrelated), The Real Adventures of Johny Quest-Race Bannon, Double Dragon, Alec Mason in a TVmovie Red Faction:Origins, (which sounds exactly like Alex Mason from COD:Black Ops 1 and 2, Actor Sam Worthington from Terminator Salvation and Clash of the Titans) in versions of Avatar like Sam Worthington, Warlords From Hell, Future Hunters, Equalizer 2000 and Eye of the Eagle.

Adam Baldwin

most notably as Knowle Rohrer ,the informant-super-soldier from the X-Files
Transformers Prime, Browncoats: Redemtion, Mass Effect 2, Sands of Oblivion, Invader Zim, Serenity, Stargate SG-1, Firelfy, X-Files, In Control Factor, his name is Lance Bishop. (Lance Henrikson’s name in Aleins is Bishop)
Men In Black-Agent-X (TV), The Zeta Project
, Above and Beyond, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Outer Limits: Phobos Rising,
The Visitor, Independence Day, Starquest 2, Shadow Ops, Digital Man,

VR.5, Fallen Angels, Predator2, Full Metal Jacket

Michael Ironsides

(R.L Stine’s The Evil Sorcerer, Total Recall
X-Men First Class, Wolverine and the X-Men-Captain Moss (where he detains and tortures mutants and resembles most of the other cyber men in this post

, Hardwired,

"Hardwired-(2009, movie review with syncs)

A blonde in a red dress speaks seductively to the camera; she is a projection on a billboard showing the Me/We connection with Wild tiMes (written one atop the other). A man on the run passes a Hope Industries sign, as he cuts into a back alley where a surveillance camera tracks him and implodes his head (somehow) “ Just a few Years From Now, Corporations Control and Observe Everything…Stage 6 Films presents”( the writer of this film is also known for a Room6 movie and the Director for a 6 bullets)… The Washington Monument is owned now by Trojan, Liberty by Playboy, Rushmore by MasterCard, the Taj Mahal by Gatorade, and Stonehenge by Windows (get it) etc…MIB who work for Hope Industries (Val Kilmer) are interested in trying experiments on a man named Gibson (played by Cuba Gooding jr. resonates with William Gibson father of cyberpunk) who suffered from severe head trauma. Hope and Life are posted up on all the walls. Hope Industries begins to feel like the Montauk company in … Cuba Gooding jr gets a chip implanted without his knowledge, and begins receiving holographic advertisements in his mind, even though he has complete amnesia. ”They did something to us, something not right.” –the patient next to him. The U.S. Economy is losing to China’s. Many are out of jobs. A man steps in front of the word Aeon who is following Gibson. His sister explains his old home and how all the banks went bankrupt.

Gibson learns he used to be a special forces operative in different countries. Making real progress in “The War on Crime”. The woman in the red dress scares the shit out of him popping up in his apartment as he watches TV. His sister confirms she doesn’t see anyone. “How’s Mister 373? “”Don’t make this about numbers!” says characters monitoring Gibson as he is surrounded by advertisement men. “See just like all the rest, he’s losin it.” The characters are a future-punk teenage girl and boy. When Gibson interrogates the doctor that was talked in to the procedure, he is first told it is a Psycon implant that is experimental and without it he would have died…When he inquires about who insisted he get one he is immediately brought to the ground by a buzzing coming from inside of his head.

“Guess that’s just a little taste of what they will do to us if we keep asking too many questions!”-his patient friend ads, the man explains that the ads don’t stop until you buy the products, since he doesn’t have any money, he just steals shit. “We stopped the Pain Trust Us” appears on the ground when he gets into a bind, the source of this message also prevents a gun from firing at him altogether. These messages continue like video game navigational clues as he is being pursued by police (similar to the Matrix and Eagle Eye).

The two teens wind up being the secret directors. Project 660 is something secret that Kilmer is working on. A Mr.Drake is sent after a Luke Wilson, who appears to be Gibson. Gibson follows the punk’s light up messages out of the situation and into their van. They refer to themselves as his Guardian Angels. There are 660 subjects implanted with chips. “ Hope Industries has put a computer in your head. There trying to come up with a new way to control mankind” a doctor who offers to hack the chip, in an attempt to save Gibson. Anyone remember Gibson’s surgeries in the X-Files? The doctor claims Hope Industries is an all-powerful organization and “bankrolled the last two wars”. Jan 7th, “your car accident was no accident”. They killed his wife as “collateral damage”. As Gibson travels through virtual reconstructions of all digitally saved aspects of his life (which kinda appears as memories) the doctor somewhat explains how you can rebuild a person from their online imprint. Gibson storms a TV station working for Hope and kidnaps one of their employees who claims to know who killed his wife. He goes to Drake’s house where he gets a bit of a history lesson on his war-time vigilance and then proceeds to beat Drake stupid. (Virgil Kirkhill-Val Kilmer-VK anyone? ) Drake explains that they can send the 660 against each other if necessary. The repeated reference to the group reminds me of the 4400 and the 9. Gibson gets captured and put in an abduction-bright-light room strapped to a chair with the same patient he was next to in the hospital. He claims a hacker girl also sent him signals to help him out. The patient explains he was just there to get info out of him, he also works for Hope.

Virgil comes to Gibson and explains that they ran out of ad space. “The ultimate personal computer in their heads (or hands in the case of the smart phone) programmed to cater to every need in their empty lives. Think about… instant information at the speed of thought…We’ll tell them what they want and then we’ll tell them where to buy it. “ Meanwhile a SWAT team breaks into the Doctor’s apartment resulting in his death. They use, what appear to be, mental driving techniques on Gibson, uploading nonsense media into his head. As the Hope doctors proceed toward removing the implant Gibson sees messages now calling him Luke, which of course, start to sound like messages from the force. Luke rises up from the hospital bed and makes his way into other rooms where he fights off Hope security. The punks make him a mental Metal Gear Solid type map indicating where the guards are approaching from making it fairly easy to shoot them. Then Luke finds himself in the Hope Industries Labs, where he tells a scientist to play the 660 tutorial to everyone that has a chip. It explains the exact kind of self-destruct mechanism in most Mk-Ultra literature.

Virgil calls America a corporation as he multiplies himself and surrounds Luke. Luke gets a VR map and fires on the real Virgil putting him down and out. Luke gets another memory flood and his mental activity looks anomalous on the punk’s monitor as he remembers his wife. Frank Black appears at the end as the main head of Hope, Luke vows revenge with the punks. The red haired girl with a paralyzed virtual-hacker man mirrors characters in the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The whole film resonates highly with Jonny Neumonic as well."
-Frank Zero's Movie Reviews

-Hal, Timeshift-Doctor Krone, Masters of Horror: the V Word, Stargate SG-1:Crusade,Outer Limits: Rule of Law and Summit, Mindstorm, Superman:Darkseid, Omega Code, Watchers, Highlander 2: General Katana ( Christopher Lambert, star of Highlander fights Katana in Mortal Kombat) Mindfield, V (both series),

Ironside is also of Scottish, Irish heritage, another Highlander in the blood, the actor loses arms in the Machinist, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers Guy X, and would have lost them again in Robocop but was too large to fit in the suit notes imdb trivia (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000461/bio#trivia) His roles in Scanners and V are identical at times.

“Iron Guard, Romanian nationalistic, anti-Semitic, and antiparliamentary group, founded in 1924 by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Originally named the Legion of the Archangel Michael”-http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/history/A0825503.html

Christopher Lambert-

Mortal Kombat, Ghost Rider 2, Southland Tales, Highlander(all), Fortress(1 and 2), Beowulf, Nirvana, Adrenalin, Greystroke Legend of Tarzan,CHRISTopher LAMBert is interesting in always attracting lightning to his body (or firing it out of his hands) as Raiden in Mortal Kombat or while battling Michael IRONside in Highlander.

Even in Nirvana we see him ascending to new levels of consciousness, this time in the electromagnetic or virtual sense but still the electricity flows. The information, like in Lawnmower Man, is Promethean, Luciferian even to be direct. Lightning bolts of ancient gods, Annunaki Sky Gods also known as Skywalker(s) in Star Wars, a certain reference to a well cultivated royal bloodline, as in Highlanders. He has a “real” girlfriend in Nirvana who plays Satan in the the 9th Gate.

Adrenalin: Natasha Henstridge (Species, Ghost of Mars )
The film perfectly predicts Civil Unrest, and people not paying attention to real issues with bullshit distractions. The US puts its immigrants in internment camps and the middle class is dissolved so there is only the sick and the well. Punks roam the streets and a mutant killer is on the loose. Hazmat teams rush in and are taken out by the same creature.
Ed Harris does a voice in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops(CIA handler Jason Hudson) connecting him with Gary Oldman, Ice Cube, and Dark City’s/Kickboxer’s David S Goyer. Dark City has Jennifer Connely. Connely and Harris are in A Beautiful Mind together, where Ed plays a kind of MIB type character. Ed Harris (CHRISTof) directs Jim Carrey’s world in the Truman Show. He is in Apollo 13, The Abyss, and The Aliens are Coming,

The Men In Black Reinventing the Wheel. Those who control the Arms (Destro,villains from Timecop) control the world. Similarly those who control time control the world and vice versa.

Jean Claude Van Damme is in Kickboxer and in Expendables with Arnold. Arnold is in Total Recall with Ironside. Van Damme is with Lance Henrikson in Hard Target. Van Damme is the Timecop even though Lance Henrikson and Robert Patrick are both alongside Arnold in Terminator. Robert Patrick also stars with Arnold as the T-1000 in the Last Action Hero. Henrikson and Mchattie are in an episode of Beauty and the Beast together called Snow. Lance Henrikson and Adam Baldwin are in the game Mass Effect 2 together

Now here's where things get a little confusing,it seems the man who claimed to, but didn't actually write Timecop,Gary Devore wound up dead while researching for a film that was gonna be about the Invasion of Panama, Castro, JFK, and particle beam like exotic energy weapons not unlike those discussed in Mary's Monkey and seldom sighted in Iraq.

In Mary's Monkey it is proven that recent mass cancers epidemics,AIDS,bizarre vaccinations, mind control experiments, and energy beam type weapons were all developed in part by the CIA in New Orleans, and around Oswald. The plot of a medical scientist being secretly lured into working on exotic weapons is the plot of a 1987 film Accidents.

"Gary’s script, a remake of the 1949 heist movie The Big Steal, was to be an action thriller set against the backdrop of the 1989 United States invasion of Panama and the overthrow of its dictator, former CIA asset Manuel Noriega. It was to be Gary’s direct­orial debut and expect­ations were high. Gary was being assisted in his research by his old friend Charles ‘Chase’ Brandon, veteran CIA case officer, first cousin to Tommy Lee Jones; also the Agency’s new public face in Hollywood and – according to Gary’s publicist Michael Sands – “the real Jack Bauer”, referring to the fictional super-agent of the television show 24.

However, the screenplay was acutely critical of US foreign policy, presenting a picture of a country ravaged by the US military and in which US Army intelli­gence organizes the theft of Noriega’s drug money. An early draft obtained by the authors gives its main characters lines like: “Shit, we’re really kicking the crap outta this little bitty country to get one man [Noriega]. It’s embarrassing.”, “Starting a war you can’t lose is good for morale.”, and “a little scrimmage to make the varsity look good”. -Hollywood Hitmen: Fortean Times

Devore also had some strange security clearance that made him privy to top secret data anyway.

"The CIA has had a long history in Holly­wood. During the 1950s, CIA asset Luigi G Luraschi used his posit­ion as head of censorship at Paramount Studios to bring film content in line with the Agency’s ideals. Scenes that portrayed the US in a bad light were cut; films such as High Noon (1952) were prevented from receiving certain industry awards; and well dressed ‘negroes’ were placed in lavish on-screen environ­ments to suggest that the US didn’t have a race problem. In order to tame or otherwise subvert their content, the CIA also covertly assisted on the film adaptations of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954) and Animal Farm (1955), as well as Graham Greene’s The Quiet American (1958).

In the mid-1990s, the Agency established its entertainment liaison office, headed by Chase Brandon, supposedly as part of its more ‘open’ remit. In truth, the CIA’s role in Hollywood remains decidedly clandestine. In the case of CIA-assisted product­ions like Bad Company (2002), 24 (2001–), and Spy Game (2001), not even isolated comments exist from anyone involved to indicate what happ­ened on set (although we do know the CIA withdrew its endorsement from the latter). Others are less bashful, as with Alias (2001–6) star Jenni­fer Garner, who appeared unpaid in a recruitment ad for her friends at Langley.

The CIA may even have used entertainment for psycho­logical warfare purposes and to develop real-world scenarios, as Texas State Professor Tricia Jenkins heard in a series of sensational interviews for her forthcoming book For Our Spies Only. Michael Frost Beckner, creator of the TV series The Agency (2001–03), recalls that Brandon phoned him to suggest a plotline involving biometric identification techno­logy. When Beckner questioned Brandon on the story’s realism, Brandon told him to “put it in there, whether we have it or not. Terrorists watch TV too. It’ll scare them.” For another episode, Brandon suggested using a Predator drone out­fitted with a Hellfire missile to kill a Pakistani general, asking Beckner to “see how it plays out, how you could make it work”. One month after the show aired, the CIA assassin­ated a Pakistani general using Hellfire missiles from a Predator drone. “I’m not a big conspiracy theor­ist,” says Beckner, “but there seems to have been a unique synergy there.” -also from Fortean Times

The game Black Ops is discussed often in this blog. David Goyer stands as the interesting link between Black Ops, Dark City, and the Crow.

Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Lee both died "accidently", and relatively early in their stardom. Brandon died on the set of the Crow due to a loaded gun, where a prop should have been. As to why a loaded gun was on the set is yet to be discovered. Both Brandon and Bruce had there last films completed with lookalikes.

Both depictions of the Crow and Dragon are always in black. Someone fill us in. What's the Killing Joke?

Synchromystic Men in Black at Twilight Language with Loren Coleman

For reference: Book Review of Nick Redfern's
Real Men In Black

The Real Men In Black by Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern does great work once again, this time focused on the Men (and Women) In Black. The book is a great blend of case files, analysis, comparison, and interviews that Nick conducted personally. It also follows some of the work of the great researchers in this area like John Keel. All in all, the MIB phenomenon beckons many more questions than it does provide answers, however there are some visual and auditory consistencies in their behavior that make these strange Dark City analogues recognizable. Often their emotionless, monotone, robotic and awkward mannerisms make them stand out. They also appear out of time, or even running out of time, or energy. Nick digs deep into the psychology of the testimonials, something that there is certainly not enough of in this field, which greatly helps researchers catalogue this kind of phenomenon. Are these hallucinations of a hypnogogic nature? Are they government operatives from a future we can’t see coming? Or are these the janitors of cosmic interaction cleaning up the crumbs of someone else’s dirty work? It’s up to you to decide after reading the Real Men In Black

View slideshow: MIB

Photo credit: Nick Redfern

Video: Nick Redfern-MIB

Helen-Cannock Chase, central England
Men In Black, knocks (punches) door, vague threats, grinning, stare, fake hair, lipstick type lip covering leaves behind incredibly strong odor.

1947-June 24, 1947-
Kenneth Arnold case (NINE craft) (Plan 9 From Outer Space) file if not already there

1945-December 5th
Albert Bender-disappearance of Flight 19 with NINE crew members in the Bermuda Triangle gets 23 year old Albert Bender interested in the paranormal. He begins with the works of Charles Fort, and by the time Kenneth Arnold has his sighting a year and a half later, he is submerged himself in a quiet life plagued by an unhealthy amount of fascination with UFOs and the occult. He lives in a dark attic even making use of a telescope there to search the skies for unidentified craft. He painted the attic he lived in with disturbing and evil looking faces, at one point fancying the idea of charging people to experience “Bender’s Chamber of Horrors” thought he did not go through with it. He developed a kind or irritable OCD, which became unpleasant, even for his close friends.

Bender takes UFOs more seriously and starts the IFSB (April 1952) and begins publishing the magazine Space Review.

1952-July 30th
After a headache inducing, yet silent and eerie phone call, Bender was coming home from a movie to find a glowing floating object in his house that vanished when he turned the lights on. Strong smells of sulphur and misplaced files. In November he attended the movies again and felt very uneasy as a well-dressed man with light up eyes materialized next to him only to vanish and reappear behind him. This was the beginning of many run ins with these well-dressed men, strange odors, and what can only be classified as poltergeist activity.

After being threatened and enlightened as to the truth of the UFO phenomenon by the MIB, Bender shuts down the quite successful IFSB and publicly announces his leaving the UFO field.
Researcher Jerome Clark suggest that the men who threatened Bender may well have been FBI agents acting out of some Cold War capacity to ensure Bender didn’t know too much. In that same year the CIA established the Robertson Panel, tasked with assessing the UFO threat to National Security, and they also watched civilian UFO groups so that may very well be a possibility. Ritual Magician Allen Greenfield suggest that there would have been a concern over Soviet take over from within of civilian UFO groups for the purpose of creating a false flag alien threat, possibly leading to a vulnerability in National Security because of the attention focused on UFOs instead of Soviet attack. (All of which seems to be orchestrated from extremist Intelligence Community Cold War paranoia.)

1953, August
Bender is in his attic working on the October issue of his magazine when the glowing eyed MIB (three of them) surround and terrify him only to touch his shoulder, forcing him to instantly pass out and wake up in their secret base in Antarctica. In this base they extract some substance from the sea water. They warn him never to talk, and when he is tempted to share he will get a headache reminding him to keep his silence.

1953, January
UFO Investigator Harold T. Wilkins was made privy to a case where two MIBs showed up to an office building and got high ranking jobs right off the bat. They appeared to have super strength and joint less hands and wrist. When the FBI was called in to investigate the two men disappeared. The FBI continued to show an active interest in the MIB phenomenon and even admitted it had no part in interrogating Bender in the first place
Author Brad Steiger has friends who are threatened and even transfer or blame poltergeist phenomenon on him. In one case a friend of his was followed everywhere he went by three mysterious Asian men.

Nov 1966- Dec 1967
Pleasant Point West Virginia Mothman

Mary Hyre was a reporter in 1967 in Pleasant Point who encountered Asian MIB under 5ft tall as well. (She and author Jim Keith both note very thick soles on the shoes of these MIB.)

March 1st, 1967
USAF documentation shows that USAF impersonators are becoming a problem, sometimes being a step ahead of the Air Force themselves.

Researcher Jack Robertson and his psychic wife are haunted and observed by a zombie like MIB who messed with his files in a familiar way. When pursued they actually caught a photo of the MIB (picture on page 65 of Nick’s book) before he vanished altogether from their lives.

1969, June 24
(same date as Kenneth Arnold sighting), West Virginia NUFOC convention Allen Greensfield confronts a Man in Black who has attended the convention and followed them across the street for lunch. When the man exits, Alan follows and even gets a picture after he explains that he is a “MIB in training”. By the time Alan catches up to him making the corner, the man vanishes.

1972, July
After a UFO sighting Patricia Hyde is warned by a MIB to stop investigating UFOs

1970s, early (not specified)

Researcher Loren Coleman has a run in with a “Lieutenant Applegate” in Decatur, Illinois. Coleman was investigating the “Mad Gasser of Mattoon” another bizarre figure from the 30s who would render his victims unconscious and take advantage of them of their possessions. When spotted on Sept. 1st, 1944 he also resembled a classic MIB. For more on him see “Aesthetic Prowler 1944” (Besides sounding like MIB cases, this Mad Gasser crosses over into MILAB sounding territory.) Coleman would be warned off the case of this and similar characters by Applegate in the middle of the night in a MIB-like encounter. Of course when Loren checked in with the police that Applegate claimed to work with, they had never heard of him.

In two different chapters he re-explains Mothman, Loch Ness, and the relation to Crowley. He then begins to suggest with two cases that the MIB and the Loch are related. This is similar to the Loch and UFOs as well as UFOs and Bigfoot or Mothman type creatures being related. Usually one follows the other.

1976, Sept 11
Dr. Herbert Hopkins regressing abductee David Stephens (abduct. Oct 1975) A man phoned Hopkins, who was home alone, claiming to represent a non-existent New Jersey UFO organization who wanted to inquire about the abduction case. Without second thought, Hopkins invited him over and he was already on his doorstep. The man had no vehicle was dressed like a MIB, looked dead like the rest of them and had the strange lipstick which rubbed off on his black gloves. He acted robotic and asked questions in a monotone unemotional fashion. After making the coin disappear he threatens Hopkins by relating that Barney Hill was killed because he had no heart, as there was now no coin. The man’s speech then slowed down, and he made his way to the door explaining that he was low on energy…He departed in an instantaneous flash of light in the drive way.

Nick makes the point that Steiger noted the resemblance between MIB and the alchemist’s strange visitors clad in black, who would show the alchemists certain things. Some seemed to work for the forces of good and others evil.

Another case at a convention makes me think that they need to hide before they vanish (or possibly teleport) because they often try to turn a corner when being pursued before disappearing.
Also of note is strange telephone (electromagnetic in general?) interference surrounding MIB cases.

early 1980s (not specified)
Researcher Colin Bennett sees a bright light, which turns into a German Lancaster (WW2 plane) hovers over he and his girlfriend in silence before turning to a triangular craft and flying off. Then his nearly hypnotized girlfriend let a MIB in for no good reason. The man wound up being rather pleasant, educated, and well spoken. He did however seem like he was in disguise and once he had reviewed the couples reaction to the event was on his way. He also immediately disappeared after the door had been closed behind him. These events caused a lasting fracture in the two’s relationship.

Philip Spencer, police officer is abducted and told of a future ecological disaster by 4ft tall beings. Then in Jan, 1988 gets a visit from MIB claiming to be Ministry of Defense. They interviewed him on his abduction, somehow knowing all about it, and then promptly left once they realized he was no longer in possession of a photo of the beings that abducted him.

Marie Jones receives typical MIB like harassment including robotic calls detailing things no one could possibly know (what she was wearing or reading at the time, etc…)

2008 April 16th
Researcher Raven Meindel spots two MIBs and the black Lincoln often associated with MIB coming out of an abandoned apartment across the street. She is stalked, receives disturbing phone calls, nightmarish paranoid episodes, etc…

Colin Perks is visited by a beautiful woman in black. She warns him against finding King Arthur’s burial site because it would release ancient evils upon the world (or that’s what she wanted him to think, perhaps it would actually do her kind harm.) Colin later came to believe that she was the same being with wings and scary eyes that threatened him after. A being similar to one spotted by three US soldiers in Vietnam.

When hearing the description of fear-mongering men in all black in the first few pages of the book. I am reminded of fundamentalist fear mongering, and those with close ties who dress in all black (black ops super soldier testimonials or anarchist/antichrist protest plants with Reich boots and violence in their agenda.) Redfern makes the point that the real MIB are far from their Hollywood portrayal. Making them humane is the largest red herring in the films because they are almost always quite certainly not human.

(from my past interview with Nick)
8. What do you think of the film Dark City with respect to “real” entities like the Watchers, or the grays, or archons, etc? Do you think the Men In Black or some other agency could have that much control over our reality without us noticing?

"Probably more than any other aspect of Forteana, the mystery of the Men in Black is the one that fascinates me the most - which is why I have extensively written about it, and have at least another 2 books in the works on them. Despite the MIB films (of which I only saw the first one and which I did enjoy, because at least - by making it a comedy - they made it new and refreshing), the real MIB are not from the government, or any government. That's not to say people in government may not have impersonated them to cover their tracks while investigating particularly controversial UFO cases - they clearly have. But the real MIB are far more paranormal-themed. Pale, skinny, unaccustomed to our ways and culture, seemingly having the ability to render the interviewee/witness into a semi-altered state that allows them to control and contain the situation, and much more lead me to believe we are dealing with something very different. They are almost certainly more of those dwellers of other realms best accessed by window-areas and altered states. I certainly do view the MIB as predatory, malignant, watchers or manipulators of us. In fact, the more I look into the MIB puzzle, I see more and more evidence that these things are everywhere and have been for a very long time. They seem to pop up at critical points in time, too, which leads me to believe there's a lot of dark, string-pulling going on behind the scenes. The real MIB are not things to f*** around with. That last observation might be the sub-title of my next book on them!


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